Help with "Getting started setting up dev environment"

Hi there, Wappler community!

My name is Elle. I have contemplated switching from Bubble to Wappler for some time. Anyone familiar with Bubble no doubts understands the ‘why’. Full control tops the list. Today I finally signed up!

This is my first post on this community so go easy on me. I was quite active on forums and very much enjoy helping others solve complex problems. I feel like I have my head down due to the seemingly simple question I have at the moment.

So as I work my way around, I figured why not start from the beginning?

I am working through this page:

It all seems so straightforward and intuitive. Here’s the problem: my data is not displaying.

I have reviewed each step carefully. There is just one difference I notice:

This is slide 38 as shown in this tutorial:

The instruction says “This API Action will automatically be loaded in a new tab. Right click its steps:”

The difference on my Wappler is as follows:

(attempted to enter screen shot here but “New users can only insert one image in post” !?!?!Ugh.)

With image not present, the point was to show that on my Wappler, there is no ‘steps’ to right click.

I added the action nonetheless, tested the connection as instructed and sample data is displayed.

When finished, no data is displayed.

I set the app to debug mode and opened in browser, looking for XHR error.

… and found this:

It was a screen shot of xhr error and incorrect /path

When browsing project dir, the file that apparently is meant to be loading on connection list_users has a different path (app/api/list_users) of what the browser is attempting to load (api/list_users):

Seems to explain why no data is loading. The question is why is this happening and what is the fix?

Thank you in advance!


Welcome to the forum.

Here my short list of actions that I would do in this situation:

  1. Make sure that that data is in your DB. You can check in DB viewer.
  2. Double check that you have un-check - Do not load automatically
  3. Make sure that output data from this Server Connect action is “linked” with table you’re working with
  4. On your Server Connect side - make sure that you have check in - Output
  5. Regarding previous - in order to check that Server Connect action has some output click on - Open in Browser - you should view your data in JSON format

Thank you, Notum.

I’ll try these suggestions.

This was resolved by changing the /path of where the db is stored to /app .

Obviously not ideal due permissions, but the prod db will not be local or sqlLite.

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Welcome to Wappler, @Elle! Learning everything will be a little more involved, but you’ll be in full control and have many options. :slight_smile: I would recommend using Docker when you set up a project, it’ll make it easier to migrate your local Dev project to a Cloud provider.

I would also highly recommend setting up GIT as soon as possible so you can save your work locally and also push it to github for safe keeping.

There’s also been a decent amount of users with file syncing programs like Onedrive and Apple Cloud Sync, causing issues so I would avoid using them on the Wappler files/folders.

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Thank you, @kfawcett for the Wappler welcome and Docker tips.

GIT I already have sync’d to existing account.

Docker - it was my understanding from the limited reading I did was helpful for moving the project about in the cloud. It seems plausible, now that you point it out, that applies to moves from local --> cloud.

Most excellent tip! Thanks!

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Yep, that’s the beauty of containers. They contain everything needed to run your app and easily move from one machine to another. As an added bonus, using Wappler’s Resource Manager allows you to quickly upload them with a few clicks.

@kfawcett , thanks so much for saving me the time of having to go look for these posts!

Very much appreciated!

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Hi Elle and a warm welcome to the Wappler community!

When using the SQLite indeed the best way is to choose the database to be under /db path then it will get published together with your app. Of course /app will work also.

Running local node project with the Wappler local server and SQLite is indeed the fastest and most lightweight way to get you started, but eventually you might want to use docker to have exactly the same services running locally as remote on a live server.

With the new Resource Manager we make it also very easy to use docker and define all kind of services and databases you need for both local as remote usage on the various cloud providers.

Good luck on your journey and I’m sure with Wappler you will get much further, develop amazing solutions, become more productive and also learn many of the required web technologies- the easy way!


Welcome Elle.
If you have not already discovered it check out the wappler youtube channel for loads of tutorials


@Hyperbytes Thank you for the welcome. I have stumbled upon the YouTube channel, yes!

So far, I am liking Wappler - a lot! Most everything just ‘makes sense’ - and the things that don’t, will likely become intuitive after a while.

Unlike Bubble - Wappler is not a Black Box. Methinks Black Box’s belong on airplanes - but not be present while making an app.

Thanks again for the welcome. :slight_smile:

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