Have you thought about an additional tariff plan?

In the beginning my story of decision-making…

I very much hope that Google translate will make the correct translation and will not make strong distortions in my text and my story will remain clear to you.

Wappler is a great product, and a friendly community is only positive emotions, but I really lack documentation. I am sure that the community can help on almost any issue, but when time is short and the solution must be found as quickly as possible usually helps extended documentation. For this reason, I began to have doubts: “Buy or not? And if you buy, how to save on the purchase?”. But then I caught myself thinking: "Stop, Ilya (that’s my name), you use only consumer approach! (and I do not like the consumer approach, it is very limited and because of it people do not see a lot of opportunities) it is Necessary to think using the approach of cooperation and creation!"Then I thought a little and all doubts disappeared, and the decision became obvious: “it is Necessary to take Personal License Wappler Pro!”

The fact is that even though I really miss the extended documentation and possibly some additional features in Wappler (it is difficult to cover everything that the program can and cannot do in 7 days of the trial period), I am very interested in Wappler developing and becoming better. That is why even if I remain disappointed in something, I consider my subscription as support for the project (my small investment in development). I believe in the Wappler team and in the community, and that together we can create a product that will be considered the “gold standard” of software for quick Assembly of applications of any complexity. That’s how a complex decision turned into a simple one, just changing the point of view of the question.

So now I am officially with you and will periodically contact you with perhaps not the most intelligent questions until I gain expertise.

Now for the question of the title of the topic. Have you thought about making another tariff plan with extended information support? Such support would guarantee the client a quick resolution of his question by the Wappler representative in the form of a short guide with screenshots (if there is no such guide already). Example: I have a question and it requires a quick solution. If I am a customer using a tariff I create a theme in a special section of the forum with the issue (all as well as now with “How To”), but the answer get a manual with screenshots during the day from the representative Wappler. This would definitely cost more than the existing rates but would find its buyer. At the same time, absolutely everyone would benefit from this:

  1. Customers who have connected the tariff would receive emergency assistance in the form of documentation understandable to all. That would connect people who are confused by the lack of documentation at the moment.

  2. Users on other rates would be able to use the generated documentation to solve their problems. In other words, there would be an active growth of documentation available to all.

  3. This is economically beneficial for the Wappler itself. Yes, the income will not be as large as from the sale of basic tariff plans. But the tariff will not be unprofitable, adding a lot of points to the level of service.

Speaking for myself, at the moment I work in normal mode, but if I have a commercial project, I would not hesitate to connect such a tariff and was not afraid to start development on Wappler, despite the fact that I do not know it well enough.

That’s all.

With respect,
Ilya Belkin

I don’t think the size of the Wappler team is big enough for something like that. It would require hiring more staff.

In my opinion, the team already provides the best support. I can’t imagine the hours they already put in between development (updates every week) and support.


Hi @Mr.Rubi
Thanks for your suggestion, but as it has been since the beginning of our company (DMXzone) 18 years ago, our support is free.
We don’t want or plan to charge people additionally for support like some companies do.

But that is what exactly happens here in our community when someone has a problem or question. If it’s a bug in Wappler we usually fix it in the weekly update (so a couple of days after reporting the bug).

If you experience any delays currently, that’s because our team members are taking a well deserved summer break. We will return to our normal weekly updates and faster reply times after August 12. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ilja,

Not sure if you have checked the Wappler Docs yet, as you as saying that they are limited.
The Wappler docs contain over 120 articles and more are included on a daily base:

Also check all the Wappler Learning resources for even more resources.


Got to agree @George, on launch Wappelr docs were very limited, now there are hundreds of how to posts and videos on the forum which are much more comprehensive than many offerings, remember what Dreamweaver offered? Probably not because it was basically nothing

One thing that is noticeable is how new members keep asking old questions, I put that down to the community is so helpful some members find is easier just to ask than research their topic (which is just lazyness)

Yes, there are still some gaps but with a product evolving as quickly as Wappler that will always be the case but overall I think the documentation is pretty good now


Hello, friends.

I catch some notes of negativity in the posts. I’m sorry, but I really didn’t want to get that reaction.

That concerns my message the in it, I raise two questions:

  1. Lack of documentation.
  2. Tariff plan with information support.

These two issues should be considered separately.

— Lack of documentation —

First, let’s talk about what I mean when I say that there is not enough documentation on Wappler.

At the moment I know about the existence of the following information resources and use them to find answers to questions:

  1. https://wappler.io/docs/ (known)
  2. https://docs.wappler.io (studied fully)
  3. https://github.com/Wappler/docs/wiki (studied partially)
  4. https://community.wappler.io/c/docs (studied partially)
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6KNYNmOwBetYIczr71vJw/featured (studied fully)
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9qkbCgoF0Gtw-hMKK5rSQ/featured (studied fully)
  7. https://www.dmxzone.com/75/videos (studied partially)
  8. https://www.youtube.com/user/DMXzone/featured (studied partially)
  9. https://community.wappler.io/ (search for solutions to questions)

If I missed something, I would be grateful if you share additional links.

If you look at this information simply as an array of data, then of course we can say with confidence that there is a lot of information on Wappler. But what kind of information? Almost all articles are descriptions of particular cases. Does it help? Of course it helps a lot in the study! But how effective is the approach of studying the program solely on a particular case? I think this is not the most effective approach.

What is missing for me personally? Documentation for the program Wappler (Wappler manual) - a document describing the General principles of the program, what settings it can do, a description of fields, buttons and settings, what code and where it generates and what language it uses, the files generated by it and their relationship with each other, etc. Yes, these documents are quite massive, but they become the main document for the study of the program, and the description of private examples of use - additional information.

If we draw an analogy, now the study of Wappler is similar to the study of a programming language in which there is no description of the syntax, but only private code examples are given, albeit in large numbers. Agree to learn a programming language only by private example without syntax is quite problematic? That to me would Wappler manual was the syntax of the program. And that’s what I miss when I talk about the lack of documentation.

I really hope my explanation is clear.

— Tariff plan with information support —

This is the second part of my post, which should be considered separately from the first.

First of all, it’s just a suggestion. Secondly, it is not intended to give up existing services and support. Third, it would make it possible to test the market hypothesis with minimal effort and, if successful, attract additional users, increase the already great loyalty and create a lot of benefits for absolutely all users.

But judging by the protest, I shouldn’t have raised the offer at all. To know for the future: maybe the forum has some kind of spam list of topics that should not be raised for discussion?

PS I would like to comment on the post @Hyperbytes. First of all, I would like to thank you for the recordings of Your webinars. This content really helps a lot in learning. As for Your words about novice users who ask the same questions that already have answers either in the documentation articles or in the answers on the forum. And that such behavior is often laziness. I beg to differ. Yes, of course, there are users who are just lazy and almost do not study information materials, but there are those who ask not because of laziness. This problem occurs not only in Wappler, but almost any complex product. Just the fact that a novice user due to lack of competence can not see the solution, even if you look at it in focus. That is, a novice user can read an article in which there is a solution, but due to lack of knowledge do not understand that this article is in fact the answer to his question. Then he will go to the forum and ask a question that already been asked a thousand times before and which is written in a separate article. Get on the forum a link to the article he was reading and only then will be able to study it from the position solution to your problem. Unfortunately, there is no escape from this and other communities suffer from this problem.

I hope in the near future machine learning and artificial intelligence will allow to introduce super smart bots of technical support, which will be able to answer any question, any number of users in real time. It will be really cool!

That’s all.

All Good luck and successful projects on Wappler :wink:


You make some valid points @Mr.Rubi, i guess some of the issues are down to peoples expectations.

I have been programming for 40+ years now using various platforms and sadly have never met any product with a manual that covered all that was needed. I used to spend a fortune on big heavy £50+ (GBP) books covering various computer languages just to find them outdated within a very short period.

Personally I prefer the forum alternative although I do accept it does not suit everyone.
There are a number of inherent issues that will always plague any new product like Wappler which is pitched at new and experienced users but powerful enough to power large sophisticated data driven applications and that is the breadth of skill levels

I get a lot of personal feedback about my various Wappler offerings, i have been using Wappler just over a year now and if there was a manual I would say I probably would only on the next chapter after most.

I do get a LOT of requests from members to do videos as many don’t find it easy to follow “How To” guides and I suspect that the same would apply to a written manual, they would have to be far too general to be practical and would out date quickly.
In reality it would probably require multiple manuals at differing levels of expertise.
The “Wappler way” has always been to allow the team (only 3 don’t forget) to concentrate on product development with members, especially Ambassadors taking up the challenge of support.
Perhaps, when the user base becomes large enough it may be possible that a third party like a community member may product a basic manual but I am unsure if that would be practical financially as writing technical books is both time consuming and never ending due to product development (i used to be a legal author so i have been there!). I doubt at this time if the financial rewards would justify this effort.

It would be interesting though to poll members on whether they would be interested in purchasing a Wappler ebook and what they would be prepared to pay (no I am NOT volunteering)

  • I would Purchase a Wapper eBook if available
  • I would not be interested in this
  • I would expect if bundled with my subscription

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How much would you pay

  • I would not pay
  • Up to 10 Euros
  • Up to 20 Euros
  • Up to 30 Euros
  • Up to 40 Euros
  • Up to 50 Euros
  • Over 50 Euros if necessary

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An eBook would have to get updated every single week and never be able to cover all use cases. It would never work.

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What?! No update this week? I’m going through Wappler Update withdrawals. :wink:

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Haha, no, no updates this week :smile: