Git showing changes with no actual changes

Wappler Version : 6.5.4
Operating System : Windows 10 Pro
Server Model: Nodejs
Database Type: Mysql
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

I am getting git uncommited changes showing for files with no actual changes.

Actual behavior

Nothing has changed, and if I compare the files nothing is different. Clearing the changes does nothing and the "uncommited changes" persists between reboots.

How to reproduce

No idea, it just started happening this past week on a specific page that has not been updated.

Interestingly I have another file that I have actually changed and despite being changed 100% certain, it does not pick up the changes for my git area as well, probably related to this first bug in some way I would imagine?

If I click show changes on this uncommited change it just shows me the new changed file on both the old and new versions of the comparison tool

In my experience, this is due to CRLF settings. Linux/Git/Wappler works differently than Windows.
I see this all the time. When I add it to the commit, Git does not register that file.
Its just annoying that its there.

You can check your Git installation for the CRLF setting. I personally haven't bothered with it, and am living with these no-change changes.

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