Git Login to Remote Repo Issues

am referring to this screen:

this is a private git repo (gitblit).


  1. if you click on the password input box, you immediately get an error saying ‘invalid password’, focus moves to username. then you have to press tab on keyboard to bring focus on password to enter it and proceed. if you click with a mouse on the password field, it will validate the form!
  2. there is no indicator saying the login is in progress (a spinning thingy like we can add in bootstrap buttons). we have to patiently watch the static screen hoping it works. it does work - so that is good. but an indicator would be really nice to have.
  3. after cred is success, then we just see the project window (was cloning the project). again, no indicator. just waiting/praying for something to happen. after a minute or so, the project was cloned successfully and Wappler did open it up. all good. but, would be nice to see an indicator that something is happening.

it works, but is broken! hoping will be fixed!

same problem happens when we add a GIT to Wappler existing project, not just when clone a new one.

UPDATE: login to private git repo fails on Wappler beta - on clicking of ‘login’ nothing happens at all!

other problems reported above are persistent as well.

fixed in Wappler 4 Beta 13.

Thank you.