Getting Details of the Logged In User

After the introduction of Globals (which I appreciate very much) some things go wrong like getting details of logged in user.
Steps taken:

  1. Security restrict

  2. Database query

  3. Server Connect

  4. Data Bind

  5. Result (ZERO)

Been struggling with this for two days now, but can’t get it done.
What have I done wrong here?

In step 2 where do you get the identity value from?

From the Security Provider

Please make your security provider a global option:

then use the identify step:

and use this identify step in the query filters.
Remove the security provider step form the server action as well. Security provider should no longer be used as a step in your server action.

Wow, totally different approach, but working now.
Thanks Teodor

Right, but it saves you a lot of additional steps. You only define the provider and the identify steps and they are available in all the server actions.

Yes it does save a lot of steps. Still happy with Globals. Would have liked finding the “How To’s” a bit sooner though. :rofl: