Form Without Server Connect Dynamic Actions

I'm following a tutorial on creating a user registration and login system, and I'm on a step that wants to deal with error or success messages. In the tutorial (thanks @Hyperbytes!) it says to select the form, go to Dynamic Events > Server Connect > Error

I'm including screenshots of what I'm seeing. There is no Server Connect in my Dynamic Events menu that I can see. I'm running on very little sleep, so perhaps I'm missing something?

My form properties. As far as I can tell, it's set up identically to the tutorial.

The dynamic actions that I'm seeing. No Server Connect.

PS. This is a fantastic tutorial series! I was having issues with the login setup tutorial in the documentation, and this has made so much more sense. Highly recommend.

You have forgotten to convert your form to a server connect form here..

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I am on my phone right now so I can’t provide a screenshot but have you convert your form to a server connect form?

Select your form and in the properties panel you should see a convert to option. Select server connect


You replied in less than 10 minutes, wow! Thank you.

I had not. Must've missed that step somewhere! Thanks for the reply.

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I also notice you have a space in the folder name. This can cause problems and i strongly advise you dont do that.

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Thanks for the warning! Can I ask why it might cause problems?

It can cause some API actions to throw an error as the paths are URL encoded to, for example in your case: "User%20Actions" which can cause issues with components which need a "clean" path

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