Form Reset Not Working on Dropdown Text/Label Part

Wappler Version : 2.9.1
Operating System : Windows 10

Expected behavior

On resetting a form, dropdowns in the form should show the first item as selected.

Actual behavior

On resetting the form, the dropdown still shows the previous selected value.

How to reproduce

<select id="selectShiptype1" class="form-control" dmx-bind:options="" optiontext="shipTypeName" optionvalue="shipTypeID" name="shipmenttypeid" required="" dmx-bind:value="textShipmentTypeID.value"> </select>

I have a modal which contains a form. And in that form there are 3-4 dropdowns.
All dropdowns have some serverconnect as data source, and a variable/value as default dmx-bind:value.
On first load, the dropdowns show the first value in the list as selected. The variable in default binding is empty/null.
Once I make changes and submit the form, all works fine.
I close the modal on success of the form and also reset the form.

Then, when I open the modal again to fill the form (to make a fresh entry), the input fields get reset correctly, but ALL the dropdowns show incorrect text, even though the value of the dropdown does actually gets reset.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, in first attempt, I selected the third item - FREIGHT.
Then, after submitted & resetting, when I open the modal/form again, I still see FREIGHT as the selected item, BUT in the page source, I can see that first item is selected & also if I open the dropdown, first item is shown as selected.

Interestingly, I have encountered this issue in a live project, which was working fine until a few days ago. And, I haven’t made any changes to the project since months.
I opened the project today in Wappler 2.9.1, and it uploaded numerous JS/map files on saving the page, but it did not make a difference.

Also, I am encountering the same issue in another current project which is in active development.

I cannot give a link to either since both are in production & require login to access the issue pages. I can give remote access.

I have seen this problem too. Also using 2.9.1
Would appreciate a fix.
Many thanks in advance,


Any thoughts on this @Teodor/@patrick?

Is the form located in a data detail or repeater?

No. Just inside modal boday.

Does the dynamic data change after or before the reset, so the serverconnectShipmentType and textShipmentTypeID?

No. Server connect does not reload.
And the other input is null too.

@patrick Any update on this? Would taking remote help?

I did some tests but couldn’t reproduce, simple dynamic select did correctly reset. At this moment I’m also very busy with the 3.0 update and the NodeJS integration, so hadn’t time to do some deeper testing.

Seeing this in another project.
This one I can also give access to. I am messaging you the credentials & link.
Hope you can find time soon to fix this.