Force refresh masonry js and css in SPA

I have a SPA with multiple masonry sections with cards. My first masonry always loads correctly, but subsequent pages the layout defaults to 100% width/1 column instead of for instance 3 on large device.

Is there a way to “force” refresh masonry function on page load for Single Page Apps?

Hello Marcel,
Are these different masonry instances in different “views” included in your main page? Or are you filtering the same masonry instance?

different masonry instances with different id’s in different vies included on main page.

Was wondering if one can use static event when serverconnect data is “done”?

Weird thing I’ve noticed is that it only happens when I open the pages in a certain order… another order it does not have the issue.

Is it possible to provide a link where i can check this as well as some explanation on how to reproduce this?

ok - will upload and let you know