Focus on future versions of Wappler

I hugely look forward to you guys making the core of Wappler (how a user build with it) much more stable and robust.

I’m happy to hear the foundation is improving (appconnect), but there are many frustrations when working with Wappler 8+ hours a day.

I know that I share these with many other users as there’s many threads about them such as: My Top-30 flow killers in Wappler. What would be yours?

But the frustration is also very tangible in private conversations.
This is an example from last night that perfectly illustrates what is bothering me a lot.

Please note, this is an example, there are 10+ of these happening every day. (And before you ask me to report them, I will get to it at some point. But right now I am demotivated to do so as I feel the chance it gets fixed within 6 months is <10% and it’s time consuming to write reports). Plus a lot of them are already reported in the past, nothing new…

Example: I spent 20min getting the .join() formatter to work because I expected it to work like vanilla JS.
When I figured out the syntax, and in the end a bug caused more frustration: setting the $value became a string by the ui which I had to manually remove for it to work.
So (fully using the UI) Wappler generated: arrRedirectUrlGet.join('.', '$value')
The correct syntax is: arrRedirectUrlGet.join('.', $value)

TL;DR: Please focus on:

  • Proper documentation with examples for at least the 20% most used wappler elements (like formatters).
  • Bugs in the UI
  • Feedback about improving productivity/workflows (top of mind: splitting panels, inline code editor, favourite server actions etc. see the post from @nickneustroev or a good overview)
  • Improving syntax and documentation on creating extensions