File Name Appended With Space 2

Often when I need space on my laptop HD I move projects, sometime just project folders, or flies to iCloud. When I need them, I will use the Wappler file manager to connect to the target and then select the files that I need to work on.

I must be doing something wrong, because many times the file manager appends the filename with a filename space 2, i.e. insert_users 2.php Sometimes it will even corrupt system files with the same file name appendage.This of course causes more problems than just a renamed file.

Does anyone have an idea how I can prevent this issue?

See images:

Sorry but can you please a little more specific? When exactly this happens?
When do you see this space 2? On file open? On project open? On file save?
Are you even sure this is related to Wappler at all?

And what do you mean here also? what’s your exact workflow?

I don’t think it’s a Wappler issue … issues seem to point to using iCloud.

Thanks Brad. I’ll take a look. I’ve even thought it might be iCloud. However, icloud will place an icloud. to the front of the file name.

After reading the article you linked above. The article too says it’s a combination of both Git and iCloud. I too suspected it, but I wasn’t sure. Ha!

I’m very glad it isn’t Wappler!