File input extension

Hi all, is it possible to filter only some extensions in the input file or do I have to check it in the API before uploading?

Assuming by this you mean validation to only allow certain file types to be submitted for this you can add Accept under validation:

Client side validation:

Server Side Validation:

You can use the import or export options here to sync validation for example if you add validation client side import will then use those validations for server side, or you can do it the other way around and add validation in the server action and then use export to sent them also to the client side for use on the form:

Thanks for the super explanation, I’ll get to work immediately following your suggestions.
Can I ask you for more information?
On the same page I have a button for downloading a file, the button makes a call to a connect server where I have inserted the download step but nothing happens in the frontend and I have no errors in the console