External Templates WrapBootstrap

I am looking at starting a new project in wappler and it will use a BS4+ template from wrapbootstrap, are there any things i should be aware of with working in wappler with it?

Most templates do have there own BS & JQuery files in them so will need to ensure they template versions are used and not wappler auto import ones. How can I ensure this?

No you wont’ have any issues. The only thing you should be aware of is to delete any bootstrap, jquery references from the template (usually at the bottom) and use these that Wappler provides. In some rare situations you might need to use the API that template provides. Again this wont be an issue since you can call any function through Wappler. You will only have to dedicate some time to see template’s examples and then apply them through Wappler.

Ah now that I am thinking of it you will have an issue. Your client will be amazed because you will provide an incredibly great UI and an amazing UX that others would charge 10 times more.

Good luck.