Extending the extension

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I am building a set of Mongo extensions and need to control data flow.

When creating an extension is there a way that I can add the same kind of functionality to the extension GUI like you have on a select list.

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 19.17.12

Define a var and then map it to the incoming $_POST var.

At the moment I am having to do a dynamic shim where I take the whole $_POST and push it to the extension. I then extract the _id encode it with Objectid and then build the update or insert doc from the rest. This is fine for experienced developers that will know how to clone an extension and apply rules where needed. It also means there is no schema which means that anything can be pushed to Mongo. By defining key value pairs I can enforce a schema.

What I would love to do is use mongoose instead of Mongo Native as it is more secure. The above functionality will mean I can build a schema builder extension. A plus for security and means I can build a more noob friendly solution.

Oh and I can also apply some of the cool functions, formatters and rules straight from Wappler to the inbound data.

Very interesting Ray, I was just thinking the other day that with the implementation of Node.js and Socket.io the next logical step would be to implement Mongo DB databases in Wappler. Is there a future project to implement Mongo @George @Teodor?

As soon as the support team answers question regarding usage of the api form on the front end I can get it wrapped up.

I have the Wappler backend and a Thorium front end working perfectly.

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It’s the middle of the night for the Wappler team so you may have to wait a bit.

I am aware of that. Not a problem. Don’t expect them to be on call 24/7.

Was hoping some of the Ambassadors would have a solution .

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Its called a grid.

I asked for it, but no response from the team yet.

My team was able to find out the code for it from one of the built-in extensions which is now being used in our recently shared custom file upload extension here. Feel free to copy the logic here.

Just bloody marvellous!

SID you are a genius and made me a happy man.


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