Error installing v4 as update to 3.9.9

Wappler Version : 4.0.0
Operating System : Mac 11.4 (Big Sur)
Server Model: PHP
Database Type: MySQL
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

Download and install update from update notification and it installs properly.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

Opened 3.9.9 and got notification of update, downloaded, then clicked install now and got the following error.

How to reproduce

Open 3.9.9
Get the update notification
Try to install the update.

Please download and install Wappler 4 from

I will try installed a fresh download of 4

Please always choose to “REPLACE” the previous Wappler installation when doing full install and your drag the Wappler icon to the Applications.

NEVER choose the option keep both! This will merge and corrupts both installations.

Don’t worry, I always do. :wink:

Well we had a report about the same error and it was when you didn’t choose replace…

So maybe try again - and then chose to fully replace

The option to replace is when you download from and then drag it to the applications folder. I didn’t do it that way when I got the error, I opened 3.9.9 and got the notification there was an update and downloaded from the update notification. Then it gave me the option to “Install Now” so I clicked that. If there was an option to replace there, I missed it.

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Anyway, I was just reporting it so you guys knew about it. All good now as I just downloaded it and replaced the old one.

Yes seems there are some troubles with the inline update from the old version.

So it is better indeed to do a full install indeed.

Anyway it is revisited fully in the new version 4 so it should go well from now on.

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That same thing happened with me. A complete restart of the computer cleared it up.