Error Deleting Database Records with Confirmation

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Wappler Version : 3.0.0 (But have experienced the problem a few versions back)
Operating System : osx Catalina 10.15.5
Platform : NodeJS

Expected behavior

The record should be deleted

Actual behavior

500 Internal server error

When adding the Server connect in the flow editor, the action is left blank no matter which server action is chosen. Prompt for Input parameters is not showing after adding action.

How to reproduce

Just follow the steps here : Deleting Database Records with Confirmation

Try the latest Wappler 3.0.1

I still have the same issue after updating to 3.0.1
The option to set the input parameters are not shown after adding a Server Action.

Can anyone else confirm this is working ?

This is the code generated from adding the flow from wappler ui:

<script is="dmx-flow" id="deleteCcu" type="text/dmx-flow">{
  meta: {
    $param: [
      {type: "text", name: "ccu_id"}
  exec: {
    steps: {
      bootbox.confirm: {
        message: "{{'Vil du slette '' ?'}}",
        title: "Bekreft",
        then: {
          steps: [
              serverConnect: {url: "api/Ccu/delete_ccu", name: "deleteCcu"}
     {message: "Container slettet !"}
              run: {action: "{{browser1.goto('ccu')}}", disabled: true}
        name: "confirmDelete"

If i manually edit the file and add the param it works fine:

   serverConnect: {
				  url: "api/Ccu/delete_ccu", 
				  params: {ccu_id: "{{query.ccu_id}}"},
				  name: "deleteCcu"