Educational License and ASP.NET support


Hey George,

I downloaded the newest version on the same machine I was having problems. I actually use 3 screens (development, research/ communicationn and Netflix haha).

It has been a while, but one of your updates either knowingly or unknowingly corrected the problem and it works flawlessly. Awesome product.

I am teaching c# and focusing on MVC web apps and html sites consuming custom built web api feeds. (Stuff useful once the students graduate)

I got the code for a discount and do appreciate it greatly as we are using Visual Studio Enterprise and SQL Server in this class, but I have to develop a working solution and provide a basic template for them to use.

The school is pretty opposed to reimburse me for software not on their appoved list or not a part of our IT software store.

If purchasing the education version, I noticed there is a five project limit. I would like to build projects with different requirements and have 6 classes each semester this coming year. Will I be cut off if I try to build a 6 th version or do I have to zip up and delete one of my first ones and delete all the files, keep the project and start again for the sixth?

Also, is the wonderful HTML editor suite with file management and upload functionality out there for consideration?

Or any type of true support for .NET MVC on the horizon. When you list Asp.NET as a possibility, I had hoped it wasn’t just that there was support for .aspx files and/or web forms.


Hi Ben,

Good to hear that it is all working great for you now!

With the integrated Server Connect in Wappler, we support many server models straight out of the box! Server Connect is the visual workflow generator for server actions and it has full support for PHP, ASP.NET and even Classic ASP.

So you don’t have to code anything in C# just use the visual workflow generator and the right code will written for you in the language your have on your server. The working and available server actions are exactly the same no matter the server language. So this makes you very productive as you can focus on the higher level workflow and don’t have to invent the wheel over and over.

The same is also valid for the database connectivity. With the integrated Visual Query Editor also all the needed SQL is automatically generated for you in a very visual intuitive way.

As for your licenses, well if you need more than 5 projects you can always update to the full pro for yourself.
For classrooms and multiple users we will introduce later on also bulk licenses.


I purchased the yearly Basic Education license. I updated it to the Pro version for the trial to see what difference it made and think that that the Basic will actually meet my needs. When the trial expires for the Pro version, will it revert back to the Basic I purchased or to the free version?


Hi Ben,

May I remind you that education license is for students and freelancers only. Also each license is personal only - you are not allowed to share it in class. That is why we have low priced education ones so each student can get one really cheap.

I understand you want everything as cheap as possible and you already have 40% discount and with the educational another 50% additional discount which makes it practically almost for free.

Are you sure you want to do this and you will be using the license solely by yourself limited with 5 projects only?


It would be only for me. However, after thinking about it, it might be better just to stick with the basic. There would be only one project, but think that it would defeat the purpose to give too much of an example of what I expect an end result to look like.

I would definitely not be sharing files or the project with the students. Just what I want the end product to be. I was hoping to cut down on my personal development time to do so, but realize that might make me less informed to answer questions pertinent to the development of webservices to feed it.

So, I think you are correct. The project I create is only an example to use in class. It is the students’ responsibility to develop their own look, feel and functionality.

So, the basic license “should” meet my needs - after consideration.


Sharing your files is perfectly fine. You own your files. I believe what George is trying to say is that your license to use Wappler is only for you. Each of your students would also need to get a valid license as well.


Thanks Brad. That is what I assumed, but for the class, I would rather provide a boilerplate and let them implement the webservices to feed the project than allow them to point and click their way through. Don’t want it to be easy and don’t want it to be impossible. :slight_smile: