Dynamic events - items disappearing

Wappler Version : 2.1.3
Operating System : Mac Mojave 10.14.5

Expected behavior

When adding or removing items in Dynamic Events, the other events are unaffected.

Actual behavior

When adding/reordering/removing events (when there’s more than one in the list) other events, that weren’t being edited, will be removed from the list and will have to be re-added. It seems very common for form submit actions and modal show actions but I have noticed it affecting most types.

How to reproduce

Create a list of dynamic events for the click action of a button.
Save the list
Open the actions and reorder them
Save them again
Reopen them - you will (hopefully) notice that some are missing

I have even had it happen just adding additional items (no reordering) to a pre-saved list.

Hello @bpj

Does that happen to any specific event, or is it the last event always removed?

Yes, this is an issue others including me have observed and reported.

If a Modal is the last event in the list it can be lost from the dynamic event actions and save.
The workaround is to always click on the modal stage before closing the action which seems to stop it being lost.

So is it only happening to modal events? OR did you notice some other events disappearing?
Is it always when it is the last one?

I’ve seen this behavior happen as well. It is not always the last one. It typically removes everything but the first action.

For me, only if the last event is a modal, think i submitted a video of it a\ while back, will check and come back to you

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All events at once, or on every edit/save?

On save is when I see it occur.

I’ve seen it happen for form submit actions when buttons lie outside of a form. It can remove more than one, I’m just trying to recreate one where it is not the last item.

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But is it removing multiple events at once, or one on every save?

Thanks, we will investigate this.

For info, old bug report re the same issue, cant yet find the original report i submitted a few days before this


I too have had this happen many times. For me it happens when I have hide modal as the last entry and only when I go back into to add more actions. My workaround has been to just write it out instead of using the UI.

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I don’t know whether it is relevant/helpful but it appears to generally affect items that don’t have any extra parameters and haven’t been viewed during the edit. Perhaps a validation function getting in the way??

this is now fixed in Wappler 2.1.6

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