Dynamic Events in Repeat Region

How to execute dynamic events in repeat region ?
For example:
I have two input box, input1 and input2 in repeat region
When I update value in text1, text2 change in text1 content
I apply UpDated Dynamic event, but it doesen’t work. It doesen’t have the record ID

Mirko, as I have explained before, you are making it very hard on yourself by trying to do a multi insert/update. It is far easier to add/update/delete a single record at a time.

I know that, in the past, you have explained that this was not doable because the ID’s were not available. The thing is that they are available and certainly when they are in the same document.

My advice would be to ditch the multi bit and opt for single entries, similar to the following setup.

Ok @ben , how can I do that ? Thank you. I don't see another street.

Please send me a copy of the database - Export as in

You have my private email address.

Hi @ben, I have a moment of confusion.
How can I move to the second page by filtering the id_doc of the first page?
First page I insert the master
Second page I enter the details

I have to be sure that the id_doc in the second page is equal to the id_doc of the first page.
otherwise the relationships could be wrong if more users are inserting the documents

Use a URL parameters as shown here https://docs.wappler.io/t/define-url-parameters/2913

ok, i recover id_doc variable in second page

but in first page I want set id_doc variable. How can I do ?

the variable id_doc must have the id of the record saved in the master table

Pur a anchor Button or a link in the table row… On Click, set value of variable == to ID-table of the row and use browser component to go next page.

ti spiego meglio. dopo l’esecuzione di una insert nella server action devo settare la variabile id_doc per poterla recuperare nelle altre pagine. Quindi deve rimanere uguale per tutta la sessione

hi @Teodor
in one page I have id_doc variale in query params


I want to set this variable in server action for set the id table record.
How can I do ?

Add hidden field on your page and assign it’s value to be equal to the url parameter value.

I want set this variable in server action, after insert action, for re-use. is it possible ?

You can use the POST variable in any step of your action.

I do not understand how, can you show me?

Which part you don’t understand?

  • create hidden field
  • set hidden field value to be equal to url parameter value
  • use hidden field in your server action

use hidden field in my server action

Use it as any other form field you are using in your action…

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