DW support for Wappler

The releast notes for the latest App Connect update for Dreamweaver mention:

Full Support for Wappler - our full blown Dreamweaver replacement!<

What does this mean? Does it mean pages developed in DW, using the DMX extensions, can be opened in Wappler and further developed? If so, is the reverse true? In other words, is it possible to switch backwards and forwards betweeen Wappler and DW (until, hopefully, DW will no longer be useful)?

This means that you can open in Dreamweaver pages using App Connect that are made in Wappler and visa versa - pages made in Dreamweaver open en fully edit in Wappler

As long you are using the same extensions versions. The latest extensions are now in both Dreamweaver and in Wappler. We are syncing the releases.

Great - that’s what I hoped it meant.

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