Dropzone not converting

Have used the dropzone many times. No problems. On one specific page, it will not convert from a traditional file upload.

I have the required links and confirmed they work. They work on other pages. Not sure why it is not converting, I am missing something?



Hi, have you tried refreshing design view?

I did. Also closed and restarted Wappler. Also shows no errors.

So this is what solved it. I had the form but no action, when I set the action to post/serverconnect form it magically appeared. go figure.

Ah yes, of course - you need to have a server connect form first!

Good to know! Thanks

There is a warning shown in the browser console saying “server connect form” is required for drop zone file upload when the page loads.
But it would be better if that would show up in the top right error list on Wappler’s design view.

Also, just converting to POST method does not work. You have to make it a SERVER CONNECT FORM.