Docker usage, shared drives and google drive

I cannot get Docker remote to work with Wappler. I have installed Docker Dekstop on a Windows 10 Enterprise PC, but this is the error I’m getting in Wappler:

I also have problems with Docker Local:

I have checked the folder that isn’t mountable, and it seems that the folder exists, just not the file “docker-entrypoint-initdb.d”:

Edit: I’m thinking it might have something to do with the drive, since it’s a Google Drive File Stream drive. I’m going to try putting the files on a local disk instead.

You have to check in the docker settings that you have shared the drive where you have the Wappler project on.

Apparently Docker Desktop doesn’t like Google Drive. I can tick the box of this drive, and then save it. But after saving it removes the checkbox again. It doesn’t do this with other (local) drives.

I also have a network drive mapped in Windows (our business NAS), and Docker Dekstop doesn’t recognize this drive entirely.

The reason I want to use either a NAS or Google Drive is because I want the local files to be available for me from multiple PC’s. When I’m at work, or at home, I want to work on the same project. Is there any other way to achieve this natively with Wappler? @George

The best way to achieve this is just to use a central git repository for your project.

So just use a private repository with github for example (it’s free for personal accounts) and define it as a git remote to your Wappler project in the git manager.

Then just commit and push any changes to it and when working on a different computer - pull first the latest changes.

This way you will also have great version control as well!

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That’s a great way to work, thanks for the tip!

But I still need to deploy the local files to a remote docker. And I’m still getting the message “docker desktop is not installed”.

I have moved this project files to a local harddrive (C:\Wappler\Intranet), and this C: drive is also shared in Docker Desktop:


I can however create a local docker target:


But when I open the URL I’m met with a 404:


But is your remote docker running?

Did you test the remote docker connection?

I cannot start a remote docker at all, it gives the error before being able to set one up. Maybe I can show it better in this screenshare:

@George any idea what is going wrong here?

Yes for the remote docker see:

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Works like a charm!

One thing that I noticed is that the docker deployment takes quite some time longer to upload then the “own server” deployment. When you are on your own server, and you save a file in Wappler, it uploads that file immediately to the server. But with Docker it seems you have to press deploy, and then wait a minute or so.

It is probably supposed to happen like that, but it does change my workflow a bit. I used to prefer to view the live site in the browser immediately after saving the page in Wappler. Is this somehow still possible with Docker?

That’s a tradeoff nevil, docker is synchronised on deploy, not on each file save like standard ftp targets are. One of the reasons I don’t use it.

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Got it, thanks. Another thing I’m wondering is how I can enable SSL when using the docker deploy. Are there any docs on this @George ?


Nevil, with docker you work locally and do everything like preview changes, save etc all locally. As soon as you save a change it is visible on the local docker target immediately.

When you are finished adjusting everything, you can then deploy it to the remote target. That’s the point of docker - you have the same server, database and settings locally where you work and as soon as you are done you just deploy the same (files, database, server, settings) to your remote server.

That’s not true Brian, your logic is wrong, as I explained - when working with docker, on save you get the changes immediately available.
Deploy is only required when you are finished working on the project and you publish it. This has nothing to do with how ftp and ftp targets work.

I.e. you don’t need to deploy on every save, as you have the same/everything already locally and you work there. As soon as you are done with your changes and are happy with the results you deploy them to your remote docker machine.

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I see the use now, didn’t know about the immediate save from docker local. Thanks again

I just need to get SSL working on docker remote and I’m good to go. Any docs for this? Couldn’t find them.

@Teodor @George how do I enable SSL for this remote docker container?


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