Docker deploy and database connections

I’m having issue with docker deployment and databases… I have correct setup

Bit of a description as to exact what the issue is would help diagnose the problem :confounded:

Sometimes i get port allocated error, sometimes its port:xxxx denied with password ,sometimes i get a bunch error like in @Hyperbytes screenshot …

i have windows defender disabled already…

Sometimes i get lucky when i restart wappler… Everything works… Sometimes it doesn’t work, this morning for instance i restarted wappler like two times still it doesn’t work

After docker deploy it just takes few minutes for the database to start up. So that is why you get errors if you directly try to access it.

See also:

What about about the port allocated issue…does it relate to this problem also?

If you get a 9906 already allocated, it means that a database is already running under that port.

This can be from a different Wappler project.
We usually close the previous database on a project switch so normally this shouldn’t happen. You can check in docker desktop dashboard what is running and stop tge ones you don’t need.

If you have a case when it happens all the time file a separate bug report with reproduction steps.