Do Database Query Server Actions Steps Run Sequentially?

I have two single database queries in a single server action. The search for the second one depends on data found in the first.

Can I guarantee that the first query will complete before the second query starts to?

(i.e. do the the database queries within a single server action definitely run sequentially?).

Yes. This is not like Bubble where there is no guarantee on timing of action steps…everything is linear.


As I often do that and have never had an issue in a server action I think they must be sequential unlike app connect which needs dependent actions to be run from the initial connections success event to ensure they run sequentially. Then again the solution may reside with workflow in app connect now, not had a chance to play yet.

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Yes, every step in server connect waits for the previous one to complete.


I noticed George mentioned about App Connect Flow:

…data to be retrieved and so much more! Use repeaters and conditions or set variables - all actions nicely executed one after another.

I imagine this doesn’t apply to multiple server actions run within a flow.

Thanks for all your rapid input folks!

@TomD, you have neatly brought me on to exactly the next question I wanted to ask:

My question is actually:

Do multiple Server Connect actions execute sequentially within one of the new Flows?
Or can we do a kind of “on Success” test in a Flow like we can do within the Dynamic Events area of a Server Connect?

I will use many flows to execute Server Connects and then do other things using the data I have just retrieved…

Thanks team Wappler! :slight_smile: