/dmxAppConnect/maps/dmxBootstrap5Alert.js.map NOT FOUND

Using Developer Tools on a form that is not saving to the database.

I keep getting this error –
Using MAMP localhost

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for http://localhost:8888/trainings/dmxAppConnect/maps/dmxBootstrap5Alert.js.map: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

The form page, while using local Bootstrap 5, does not call for this file dmxBootstrap5Alert.js.map

And there is no folder named “maps” that Wappler 4.4.5 installed.

I assume that one of the bootstrap js or css files that are in my page is calling for or trying to include this dmxBootstrap5Alert.js.map which also does not exist at all in my Wappler installation.

I have thoroughly updated this page to only use the Bootstrap 5 library in my Wappler installation.

Map files are just for debugging and the error shows only if you open devtools.

So you can just ignore it.

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SUPER! Thank you, George!

Why don’t you remove the reference to the map file during minification?

Good point @patrick

Well, we need the devtools open for debugging.
DMX is not the only JavaScript in our app.

We did turn off the Enable JavaScript source maps option off, but everyone has to do it on all their browsers and different browsers have that option at different places, so it’s pretty annoying, when we could just commit the source maps, if we would know where to download them from.

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Having source maps circumvents the problem of not having the sources published in an unminified form, because we can at least read them in the devtools Sources tab.

So I would vote for providing source maps at least, until the unminified source code could be opened up.
Even then, it would be nice to have the choice of seeing legible stack traces, when exceptions come from the dmx*.js libs, which do happen occasionally.

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Sorry, but I don’t understand. What is your point?

I see this on the other topic:

(Correct me if I’m wrong) Calling the map it’s just a single line

In this case:

Go to the file and delete the line, in this case, and this file: line 8

Problem resolved.

@George There is a problem doing that?

Note those warnings are only in dev tools and can be ignored.

We also just switched to a new structure of the maps files they will be now delivered and placed in exact same location as the is file. We started with that new structure in the extension beta channel with App Connect core but will have to update the rest of the extensions - so it is coming up gradually

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He wants the ability to debug AppConnect and not just be an end-user