Dmx-show not working initially


Page preloader would be an option, right. But not in this project.

I tried:

<!-- noDataFound -->
       <div class="row py-4" style="display:none" dmx-show="">
        <div class="col-md-9">
          <p>Es wurde kein Datensatz gefunden.</p>
        <!--/ noDataFound -->

Doesn’t work…


This didn’t work for me because when dmx-show is triggered, it tries to set display:block, but the inline CSS of display:none doesn’t get overridden.
And, preloader would not help in this case either as the text would still be visible behind the preloader.
Solution given by @mrbdrm works perfectly.

@swf I think you missed the part where @mrbdrm suggested to use dmx-hide instead of dmx-show. And, use both the conditions - has items and executing.

dmx-hide=“ || dvNews.state.executing”


@nshkrsh Thanks for your support. I’ve tried this code, but it doesn’t work.


I’ve also tired to add toggle class based on dmx-class:show="!dvNews.items", doesn’t work. I always see the nodata message flashing up for a moment …


Can you share a link to your page?


I’ve sent you a message with the link


I see the data source set in repeat region is which is the data view component. I was assuming it was the server connect. :sweat_smile:
So try this to hide your no-data text:

dmx-hide=“ || scNews.state.executing”


Nope, doesn’t work either. Also, I’m filtering the dataview, not the serverconnect. So the server connect might have records, but not the dataview.


@nshkrsh code should work
use state.executing condition with the server connect you are loading the data with


From the code I see, the filter is set on server connect.
<dmx-serverconnect id="scNews" url="../dmxConnect/api/xxx.php" dmx-param:category="filter.value"></dmx-serverconnect>

You can try to put server connect tags at the top of the page instead of end.

I have the same setup and it works fine. You can try here:
This link will load data.
This link will load not found message


I’ve changed the postion of the server connect, didn’t help … arghhh


It seems to we working now. I don’t see the no-data text anymore.
Try opening your page in incognito.


Still see it in icongnito and FF, but not in Safari.


wekk you want to hide the region when 3 conditions are valid:

  1. data is not loaded yet
  2. you have items
  3. data is being loaded

according to Patrick - hasItems() returns undefined/true/false - not loaded, has items or no items (but loaded),

so you can do it in one, with strict checks, show only when there are really no items, otherwise hide:

dmx-show=" === false"

very important the 3 === for strict checks


Thanks George, that solved the problem!