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So I´m new to Wappler, I´m kind of migrating from to this amazing builder but not being a code specialist gets me stuck.

Now my problem is that I bought a Dashboard admin call Hyper, the main problem is that some parts of it come from other files in a folder called “partials”. I want to edit the topbar menu of the dashboard, but I can´t use Wappler´s “Design” view.

screenshot of wapple code view

Hi Carlos,

You might be able to add an html tag at the top, and closing at the bottom to make it work (at least for editing.)

<html lang="en">

all your template code


Because these will later be included into broader html structures, you probably should remove the html tags when you are finished. Obviously not a great workflow, but for a fairly static header it might work for you, if a better answer doesn’t come along.


Ok, It worked.

After adding the App Connect, Browser and the query to show the data of the user, it doesn´t work. I used ¨{{[0].User}}¨ in the index.html and the query worked.

Have a look at this on using partials

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And just like that we have the better answer!

Thanks! Though… I can´t understand how it´s useful for me. The topbar menu is already included in the index page. All I want to do is to show some data I get from my database in the top menu (instead of showing the “{{[0].User}}”)

My apologies, I saw partials and drew the wrong conclusion.

The way to include the ‘partials’ that you are talking about, is to use Server Side Include’s as per


Ok, but the problem is not “including” the topbar menu in the dashboard page. The menu it’s already included in my dashboard. The problem is that the topbar menu won’t retrieve the user information

If you use the Wappler method to include the navigation, then you will have a script similar to

Notice the Wappler comment at the start of the script.

Hi Ben… Can you maybe suggest a solution to this?