Design view flickering

Windows 10
Wappler 4.4.5

Wappler design view flickering on new content page, see video attached.
Create a new nodejs content page add a main, row, column
Click on row or column and design view screen flickers

Change Main type from default to either fixed container or fluid container, then clicking on row or column no flickering is present.
Restarting PC makes no difference

Change Main type back to default, click on row or column and flickering is back.

Are you sure this doesn’t happen only on this specific screen size you set (287x556px)?

I only set it to that resolution in order to take a video, as I used my phone since screen capture had issues capturing the flicker as a guess due to refresh rate issue. I can assure you that I do my development on full screen resolution and have got this issue at all screen sizes.

It is really bizarre, have you tried re-creating as I mentioned nodejs project, content page with main, row, and column, nothing else?

If I replace the main with a container then I don’t have the issue, guess the container types are different in the type drop down. It seems to have something to do with the main component and it’s default main properties type.

Also noticed that once I drop a bunch of components on my page the flickering also stops

It seems that Wappler is stuck on calculating display width with the main component type set to default, and once set to fixed or fluid or having other components on the page it is happy!!

Yes, the result is fine - i don’t see any flickering:

Well, guess if I am the only one with the issue then it must be my laptop, have already updated latest video drivers. Have you got any ideas what may be causing this, it’s just so strange that a main has an issue, but container does not.

Any pointers as to where I can look?