Design panel

As far as I’ve been working with the Design panel, I’ve noticed that there are many, many CSS rules that can’t be achieved as there are many properties that are not available. For example, I can’t add text shadow from here, only if I write the corresponding CSS rule. Am I missing something?

Here is a Pinegrow design panel example, where all the CSS features are configurable.

I’d love to see the list.

As far as the text shadow is concerned, I have been going to the Styles panel and entering it in there.

Edit: I have changed this topic to a request. This way, users can vote on the addition. The more votes, the sooner it will get implemented/

Thank you for changing the topic @ben, indoubtly now this post has a better topic associated.

As for the feature itself, it would be really nice to see it as a fully functional feature. For me it’s really critical and it has been a decision maker point. I’d continue learning Wappler but not using it for my frontend projects.

Just in case, here I have another example of what I meant. This time from Webflow:

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We are not going to add each existing css property to the design panel but we will certainly extend it further with style properties that are much used or require visual editing.

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