Design Panel (something I never noticed)




Hey Dave,

element states have been available since 1.8.2 (yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:)


I love this feature! So simple, sometimes not appreciated, but when used properly can offer a great depth to a User experience. I’d usually use some CSS to do this but now having the ability inside of Wappler is a blessing. I’d even switch to another editor to accomplish things now available in the Design Panel. I’m finding I spend more and more time in Wappler over the last couple of updates, slowly it is taking over most aspects of my work-flow, all in one piece of software!

Thank you!



It is an improvement … but still can not change the source of the image on hover ?


More improvements coming to the next versions! :slight_smile:

BTW @vdweyer the design panel uses CSS properties only and you cannot change the image source with CSS only. You can change a background image of an element, but not image source itself - for this, additional javascript code is required …


Share your thoughts on the design panel’s working strategy, if any: