Deployment to Production Question

Hello All,

I hope this is not a silly question but I’m trying to understand how Wappler works with local and remote sites.

If I’m working on a local project, how does Wappler deal with the Database and all the queries? For example, if I use MAMP, or Docker how do I lift and shift the project to production? I don’t get how all the tables etc over at the Database side end up at the production side or am I missing something? Do I need to create everything again on production? I’ve got some AWS freebies and some credits, I’d love to use EC2 and a Database, but confused.

Would really appreciate a dummies guide if someone can enlighten me.

Thanks in advance.

Once you switch your active target over to production head over to the database manager tab, you will see tables and views etc under that is ‘changes’ right click the word changes and apply the latest which will apply all. This will transfer the structure over assuming you made the tables etc in Wappler, then for data I believe you create seeds yet to explore that myself.

Thanks for this, so do I need to have an AWS Database account or will this all work on the AWS EC2 free tier account? :face_with_monocle:

Personally I use digital ocean at the moment with docker so can’t really comment on AWS without looking into it. I’m pretty sure quite a few users in the community already use AWS though and might be able to provide insight here.

Well you can choose to deploy your web site on a single server together with a database when using docker. Then a single AWS EC2 server or digital ocean “droplet” is enough.

However you are responsive for database backups and such.

So if your database is large it might be wise to set it up separately with AWS or Digital Ocean managed database services.

In general DO is way cheaper than AWS. Also much more user friendly and just as reliable.

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Just incase you look into digital ocean Wappler has a link for some starting credit $50 when you make a new account with digital ocean.

Thanks George,

So if I’m understanding this right, I can set Wappler to deploy everything from a local Docker container over to AWS Free Tier EC2 account. Does the Data get moved as well or does this need to happen in some other way?

Thanks all

Thanks for the DO Tip, just opened now and got $100 credit! - Awesome :heart_eyes:

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No only database structure is synchronized. Data in your development local database is just test data. And in your live database is your live real data.

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@George I’ve built a table using the cars demo data in a local docker. The table displays fine. When I deploy over to AWS, the table displays but with no data, as you say. So how would you get the data in over at AWS? I can’t seem to MyAdmin into AWS or anything so although the deployment works, I’m at a loss as to how the data gets in there?

Am almost there!


I believe you use seeds a quick search through community posts about seeds may help you

Scrolling down you will see how seeds are used

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Thank-you so much, just what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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