Delete POST entry can delete the entire POST section in globals


I needed to remove a number of POST entries from a server action.
I noticed after removing a few the entire POST section of Globals had disappeared rather than just the highlighted entry
Initially I thought it was me but after refreshing and repeating this kept happening

Wappler 1.7.5
Windows 10
Video and debug log attached
deletfromglobalsbug.mp4 (980.8 KB) (6.6 KB)


I think i have localised this issue
It appear to happen when deleting the automatically added startdate POST variable generated from a datepicker which is no longer on the page and which appear to have been duplicated in the server action




Having similar issue again (v1.8.1)

As you can see i have created a server action. In this case the $_GET.priceid has been duplicated automatically.

In the same way as the POST issue above, deleting one of the duplicates causes the entire $_GET section to be deleted from Globals

It may be the last entry being duplicated but can’t be sure.

Bug report covering delete action of $_GET attached (5.2 KB)

The only way to remove the additional entry is to edit the action file itself directly.


This should be solved in the latest Wappler 1.9.2

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