DB manager: error listing changes

Got myself a new error:

I’ve had similar errors before that were caused by missing migration files. But now it’s a function error? t.lastIndexOf is not a function

Any idea where this is coming from and how to fix? Side note: this happens on laptop, not on my main PC. Something going wrong with git syncing?

I already ‘shut down’ (removed the whole container) and rebuilt

What version are you on? I remember seeing a bug report on this but thought it got fixed

Just found the bug report was a issue in version in 5.1.5 and fixed in 5.2.0 maybe your laptop is on this version and just needs an update?

Thanks @Sorry_Duh I think I’m 2 updates behind so I’ll try update…
On limited data here so I was postponing hehe…

Edit: fixed by upgrading to 5.2.0

Thanks again!

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@Teodor Just a little ping not sure if you want to close and un-list this thread as I see the previous bug report was also closed and un-listed when version 5.2.0 came out.