The cars data is created by using docker and is created when creating the data source. I don’t think you can add it later (through Wappler).

Also, Working on next tutorial _
There is screenshot where -it is mentioned-

1 First, select your Server Action in Server Connect panel: but my server connection is under steps unlike screenshot where it is under server action.
screenshot below—

2 Then under Globals right click $_GET:
screenshot below—

here I don’t see Global in my steps… it’s in my server my doubt is which $ get I need to use under global in server panel or under API in input in steps panel
Screenshot below–


okay…got it…I will create new project then try to poulate that data…Thank you…:+1:

Input area is used per server action globals are used on all actions

yes,but I am trying to follow doc instruction but I am not finding exact combo of options to choose…so I am stuck right now…

I believe either work using it in input will add a variable to only the selected action but using globals will add a variable to every action so either way the variable etc should add

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okay got it…make sense…