Hello Guys,

While working in Wappler, I don’t see any production or docker option in database target in lower toolbar. Which I have seen in my tutorial. I am only seeing development option. What’s the reason behind it?

Thanks, AK

have you added a target yet? targets can be added using the cog on the bottom bar once added you can switch between remote and development environments

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Good Morning…I have read it …thank you for sharing. Just one question…do we need to take hosting for remote docker feature or it is a part of docker already…

Hi A_K,
I’m also trying to wrap my head around the different solutions to hosting with docker. Would be interested to hear from the Pros. The articles are great but I’l probably need to read them several times :slight_smile:
As far as I understand Docker Desktop is only for local development although you can deploy the container directly to live hosting if you use Firebase, Digital Ocean or Heroku.
I’d say if you planning to use a database then Docker works best with Digital Ocean. You can use Postgre SQL add-on for free with them.
Google Firebase doesn’t allows you to use a DB.
Heroku seems like a good solution too but I think there is more fiddly work involved with configuring the DB. (At least I struggled).

I hope that helps and please share your insights with me! :smiley:

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I got this doubt in m mind while reading the doc. You are right, I need to read it multiple times…as its confusing. When you read one solution there are other terminologies/factors which create doubts and docs/tutorial.Docs are also outdated due to recent updates in UI…but thank you for your help…it’s helping me :smile: . Also, did you create anything with wappler?

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Part 4 shows you how to setup digital ocean droplets there’s also a credit code so you can get a few months free when signing up with the code


Hello,while trying below tutorail–

I do not see 2 things-
1.There is no go to browser option where I can see server action output as shown in above link.
2.There is no server action option available after select server action under properties in app structure which I have created .
Do You know the reason?Thanks,AK

Got it…I will try once done with tutorials…AK

The button is there, in the Server Connect panel …

Not sure what do you mean by this. It will be better to show a screenshot explaining your issue.

ah good to hear!
So far I’ve just been running through the “Unique Ideas” tutorials. Only thing I’ve created is the “List of Cars” example, which l finally got working in a production environment with Docker and Digital Ocean. There are loads of gaps in my knowledge, as I’m not a programmer (yet). :wink: … I’ll get stuck onto Wappler in the coming months tho - it’s blinking awesome software - Kudos to the developers.

Hey Teodor,

1 . if you see the screenshot after selecting datanbase query open in browser button is not activated, however I have noticed I created action in global . is this the reason?
2.Please see the attached screenshot.

This is a global step, not a step in a Server (API) Action.
You can preview Server (API) Actions using the button as shown on my screenshot above.

Well you have simply not created a Server (API) Action in Server Connect panel … so nothing to select there.

Okay, I am trying both unique idea tutorial and docs(I am impatient person)…btw where is the file list of car in tutorial?btw, I am not a programmer too. :smile: .I am a CA(CPA)

Yes…I got it now…and I will try again. Apologies for inconvenience…

I believe it’s created automatically if you have this checked

okay…I will check it again…I paused unique idea tutorial becuse I did not have these data…

yeah, I struggled to get data in there too. Make sure you have app connect framework added:

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The docs are showing you how to bind data from a database query, there is no sample data as you need to setup your own database and input your data

I believe with docker there is a option to have some template data but its not doc specific if I remember right

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 13.22.43

Located in the targets area where the database info Is this will add some template databases it might even have the docs tables in been a while since I used it it might have the docs tables in if not it will at least have some data you can experiment with

I was asking about unique idea tutorial, there tutor use car data in some video.I will try sample data toggle to get data to experiment with…thanks…