Database Query Conditions- Still draggable?

I’ve just updated to V3 and it looks fantastic. Lots of great new features and really positive visual changes!

The app I’m working on at the moment has some multi level filters on database conditions. Whilst I think much of the visual element of the new conditions section is really useful there are a couple of things that it might be worth considering…

You used to be able to drag either rules or groups, but you can’t do this in V3 (or if you can I can’t see how?) This was a really useful feature, particularly when adding additional filters etc, or correcting mistakes with the nesting.

Also the icons (particularly the toggle condition) might sit better at the top of a group, though this may be more of a personal preference!

This is an example of (part of) the type of query…with the new view you can’t see the toggle on the highest level group without scrolling to the bottom of all the groups (though the add rule/add group may be more useful at the bottom but would save less space to split them up)


Thanks for the great feedback.

Seems the dragging icons got lost in the new design. @patrick will see if we can add them back

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Dragging of rules will be available in the next update.

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That’s some nice nested conditions there. I thought I had a complex set in one of my queries but I’ll need to adds few more to catch up with this :grin: