Database Manager doesn't connect to the database MySQL 8

With 3.7.6 everything was perfect with 3.7.7 I could see the tables but not the content, now in 3.7.8

The first error I do not know what that means!

Basically, I have more issues now.

1 - This is the Data Manager

2 - Server connect

3 - query

Choose mysql8 in the first dialog for the direct database connection.

With mysql8 this comes up.

That is any way to go back to version 3.7.6?

Thank you.

Is this your local MySQL installation on you computer? Seems it is missing some stuff.

Is in the hosting I’m testing the connection in a subdomain!

well I see you have entered localhost - that means you own computer. So just enter the remove ip address or hostname of your MySQL server.

I am going to try that I do not know where to get the ip but will try

with host name and port or without port number this comes up.

I do know how I can get MYSQL Database IP IP

Well as the error says you don’t have permission to login from your location, you might want to authorize that.

But I didn’t have any problems before. Ok thank you.
And I am authorized to do that.
Anyways have a good weekend

Well this is because you are accessing your database remotely now. So it needs an extra authorization.

George Thank you is done. A big Portuguese hug from Toronto.

Thank you

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Yes, a fellow Canadian! :beers:

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