Database connection error when target changed

I’ve successfully been using a database connection, with the target set to our production server.
I’ve installed, configured and tested a local IIS server for development. The project i’ve created in wappler, works great in the browser on both localhost and on the production server.

The issue I have, is creating a second target for localhost development within wappler.
The existing database connection works when the target is set to the production server, fails when using localhost as the target (error attached)image|456x500

If i create a new database connection, whilst the target is set to localhost, and use exactly the same login / pw credentials - the DB test connection works perfectly.

Unsure what to do from here. Any help, greatly appreciated.

Existing db connection fails when target is changed to localhost.
Creating a new db connection with the same credentials, works when localhost is the target.

getting similar issue only the other way round… works on a local target and when I switch to remote server it gives me an error. It works fine when I publish it though.

The errors means that you have selected to use but your web server doesn’t run it and just passes the response back.

Usually this is bad web server configuration.

nope, using PHP as the model.

However I did manage to solve my problem…

yup, I had the same address for both “Web Server URL” and “FTP Server”. “Test Connection” didn’t give me and error so I figured it’s all good but the web server has a different address…