Data store insert via javascript


with variables we can use‘varname’,varvalue) to set it via js function. how can we do this with for data store or is this not possible with data stores?

solved it with this Datastore from PHP include file and run its methods from JS?

Hi, do you know where can I learn about using “‘varname’,varvalue) to set it via js function”?
I would like to integrate some external libraries in my app. In bubble before I would create a plugin that was easy for me.

@fdgfdgfdg, i think the best you can do i start with this one: Using App Connect with JavaScript Functions

And then it’s basically just extending that to what you want to achieve. depending on what you try to add, you might need to edit the JS files in the external libraries so it stores the data into a data store or variable. But that’s all depending on your needs.

just start with playing around in the console and see which functions show up. do test runs with dmx.parse("…") or setting variables with…).

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Do link reference multiple separate js files or use one for this?


i guess that is depending on the library, some you can reference with one and some you will need to reference multiple files to get the library to work.

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