Data detail static value


How would one set a static value for a data detail, I tried to to add it with single and double quotes to the Value field, but no luck. The reason I need it like this is because i need to fetch the data with one query, and then using the data detail to filter/split the fetched data in 4 segments/containers based on a static value set in each data detail

To me this should work, but sadly no luck. does any one else have a idea/solution?



Entering a value in the Properties panel will set the default value for the data view:

Hi @Teodor,

I tried that, but no data is then shown shown:

both the graph and table are based on the data part of the data detail.

You must wrap your static string values in single quotes. If it’s a number it doesn’t need quotes.

tried that too:

value is present in the result set coming from the query.

Is this value coming from the same column which you filter the data view with? The same column you send value from via the onclick event?

This will be shown on a big screen without any user input, I can’t have the on-click event used or any user input. This will be a dashboard which will reload automatically and each section shows server metrics belonging to that container filter value, that was the plan.

I also tried to use the “success” and “Done” events a on the server connect to set the value after the data loaded, but that also did not work.

Which column is this value coming from, how is it called?
And are you sure you need data detail here at all in this case? If you are using a static value, you can directly filter your query and show the results …

column is called: process_host
and this is the example resultset:

And unable to execute anything else then what has been provided to me with views due to some system constrains.

If you are not planning to use data detail as i explained above - a list of items in a repeat region and a detail region attached to them on click - then you don’t need data detail here.
Just use the query results directly … and filter your query with your required value.

a you mean like this:

No, i mean directly filter your query via a GET parameter …
Or just use a “single query”:

As mentioned earlier, I can’t execute anything other then what has been given in the form of views. Else is would be really easy indeed and was this post not needed :). I have no other option then to filter it further in the front end.

but it seems Wappler can handle too :).

I really don’t understand what do you mean by:

Isn’t this data coming from a server connect with a query step inside?
Can you please what exactly are you trying to achieve, actually?

i have a db view, which provides a resultset, this resultset needs to be presented in a dashboard form with graphs/tables etc in four sections split up by a value.

this is the only way i can get the data for this project, i was also instructed to only fetch the views as is and not put where clauses on it( no idea why, but ok, nothing more then a constraint).

But i got it now to work in the front-end, so i can continue, thank you for your input!