Data detail does not work

I tried several times to make a data wrap work for some reason it doesn't work, I'm using node and the latest version of wappler I did the same procedure on the index page and it worked but on the page where I created it it didn't work, is there something I could be forgetting?

It was supposed to work, it's something so simple...

I don't understand.

I find it difficult to follow your video, but make sure you have the same data type on the data detail value. For example if your detail uses a number to select its index, make sure you use a number in the comparison. A query will need a toNumber() formatter as it is always a string.

The only thing that we haven't seen because you didn't click on it is the paragraph element inside the data_detail2...

Is there a dmx-show attribute or something else?

Please share the code of this paragraph

From the app panel, it looks like you have generated the table directly into a row rather than a column.
Try adding a column then drag your table into the column (or use the columm below the table if appropriate)

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Hello Hyper,

I did what you said and it worked...

I didn't know the generator needed to be inside a column

I was using line previously.

At least it worked, living and learning hahaha

Thank you to everyone who took the time.

Thats how bootstrap works, a row is more of a container DIV than a display element.

May be worth you reading up on bootstrap a bit as it is fundemental to wappler design.

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