Custom scripts with Wappler

Hi on saving the html code Wappler removes the content I have just added… this a known issue? or is there a different way of adding in a custom script?

Normally Wappler doesn’t remove any content you added. Could you state exactly what you added and where and also did you save it in code view or switched first back to design view and then save?

How did you discover it is gone?

To me happens when Sometimes for example you create an empty file and type something like this
<?php header('Location........');?>

upon save Wappler will replace above code with

an empty html file always have html tags in it.

If you just need an empty php file - then choose to create an empty php file and not a html file.


do not create a html file and then trow the contents away in code view as when switching back to design view those will be added again and indeed any php code before the html tag will be trown away

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