Crashing wappler 2.2.2 on unavailable network drives

When I updated to the last to the 2.2.0 I didnt have any problems. I updated to 2.2.1 by just going through the inbedded update utility. and then it started crashing almost right away. So had a family emergency last week so didn’t get back to looking at it till this morning. Looked like there was another upgrade so I did that also (2.2.2) thought maybe that would fix it. But it hasn’t. I will uninstall and then reinstall next.

Last time I had the issue @teodor suggested I restart wappler in logging mode. My question is does that automatically send crash data to you guys? Or do I need to forward those logs somehow?

No Baub, no files are being automatically sent to us.
In the article it is explained how to do this:

please make sure to follow step by step what is described there, run Wappler with Logging mode on and send us the log AFTER Wappler crashes on your system.

Hi Baub,

Maybe it is wise to perform a clean install and then see if you have any problems, see how to:

I figured the problem out @george. Once again it’s not enough coffee? I have a vpn setup. I had vpn turned on but the mapped network drives weren’t connected. Once I reconnected the drives it started working no problem.

Maybe there should be some error checking instead of program just crashing? I didn’t send my logged reports because I felt so dumb. But I can.

to reproduce the error I had it set to a “local” connection (not ftp) which is a mapped network drive. Wappler should probably say “nice try ace, but we can’t connect to your local folder” or something.

Let me know if you want me to send those logs?

Aha now I get your point :slight_smile:

What exactly was on your unavailable network drive? The Wappler project?

What OS are you on btw?

Windows 10 home on this laptop.

as far as the network drive its mapped to the location where the web files are stored on the webserver. IIS

Ok clear @patrick will check it out