Content page deleted when adding autocomplete

Just before adding autocomplete

Just after

Debug attached (6.9 KB)

Hi Ken,
This has been reported already, we are looking into it.
Can you try undoing this action to see if the component appears?

On undo, the element remains, however the Wappler include text loses this


EDIT: And the scripts are not added to the parent page

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Same thing just happened when dmxFormatter needed to be added to the Wappler include.

This problem with content pages will be solved in the next update.
We found the issue.

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Any chance you can throw over a patch?

Or even just let me know how to adjust the wappler include? What is the syntax for components?

We need to do more testing - and also solve the includes problem. It is only on content pages and the current component list isn’t really used. So it’s not a problem when it isn’t up to date.

We will be moving to a solution to add the includes on the main page.

This has been fixed in Wappler 2.5.6