Contact form not sending form data

I’m learning how to send a form to e-mail. I used the video tutorials and got everything working, the submit will send an e-mail but it only sends data when I type in static text in the send mail action steps. If I select fields from the $-post region it still sends the mail but no text from the form?

Without being able to see your code, this will be a guess. To me, it seems like there is a hiccup between the fields that the form sends and the information that the server expects to receive.

The most common error is to forget to name a form field, e.g., name=“comments”. This should show as $_POST.comments in the Mail Body property.

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Hey thanks Ben. I did a little searching and I “think” the issue is that I had 2 form entries that had the same name (not ID) the other thing could have been that I needed to delete all of the imported entries and re-import them. Nevertheless after I did those few thigs the form worked! Another step in the process of learning, thanks for your help. Next I will try to figure out how to e-mail a photo with the form

Hi All,

need support on mailer. i have setup my form and mailer as per the steps in documentation. but when i submit a form, neither i get error nor success and no email comes. please advise which part i am missing
SMTP settings i did checked with my hosting before entering

Please check for errors, as explained here: