Connection credentials work in extension not wappler


My database credentials work in server connect extension but not wappler… Getting invalid data source name error


Hi @skirchuk,
Please when reporting issues be as detailed as possible. Be sure to provide what server technology are you using? What database are you using? When do you see the error?


ok sorry … MySQL PHP … using localhost and have tried IP … it works fine in Dreamweaver with Server Connect extension … I open the page or try to recreate in Wappler and I get “invalid Data Source Name” when testing Connection … also using same ftp connection credentials which work in Wappler … thanks


Check you have set the site server model to PHP, PHP connections don’t normally use a Data Source Names (DSN) but you will be offered the option in the dropdown if PHP is not specified


PHP is selected as server model


The question is still too vague. The impression that I get is that the remote connection works fine. Is the target set to a remote server when you get the error message?



FTP connects to remote server but when I try to setup a database connection and hit the test button i get a data source name not valid error - I had to go back to using the server connect extension Dreamweaver where the exact credentials work. Also note that when I open the completed pages in wapple r after coding in Dreamweaver the connection still returns the error


SOLVED !!! Hi I created a new target using the same credentials and it works … the target must have been corrupted for some reason