Connecting to phone camera

I wish to be able to connect from the app to the device camera:

  • to use the device’s camera to: take a pict / basic edit / view / save / cancel
  • then uploaded within app to the apps detabase.
  1. How feasible is this?
  2. Does it require a plugin / extension?
  3. Does it require much code input? (I am not that experienced for this level of code - if that is the case.

4) Ideally would like then to be able to recall an image / images to view once saved in a ‘gallery view’. Is this feasible and:

    1. Does it require a plugin / extension?
    1. Does it require much code input?

The app is using NodeJS, bootstrap 5 framework.


You can do the basics with HTML and JavaScript to access your phone’s camera and upload photos using web app with JavaScript. Set the accept attribute of the file input to image/*;capture=camera


On a basic level, if your basic node/ bootstrap web app is running on a mobile device (certainly with android anyway, don’t have an iPhone) then the dropzone component allows for you to upload an image directly from your camera without any additional coding or components. It’s no different to selecting an image from storage.
The image manipulation is limited to what you can do server side at present like rotating, scaling, cropping, effects, image overlays and text overlays.
There are no browser based image processing components at this time.

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Thanks both.