Connecting to a remote DB (AWS) problem (works fine in MySql Workbench)

Hi all,

I have a NodeJS project using Docker.

I have created a remote DB (Maria in AWS) and went to connect with it so I can apply local DB changes to staging > production.

I can see some changes in the UI of Wappler in terms of how I used to connect / test a remote DB.

I’m now having issues connecting, and keep getting errors.

I’ve tested the Remote server connection with MySql Workbench and can connect instantly, and without issues or errors using the exact same connection information that I’m inputting into Wappler.

These are my steps:

On my local environment
Go to ‘Project settings’
Choose the Staging target
Go to DB section (see image below)
Add in the remote DB information.
I try to connect, and this is the error I receive currently (I had another error, prior but did not take a note of it):

This is a screenshot of the information I’ve inputted into the DB section of Project Settings:

This is the error I currently get (little red icon on the DB icon in ‘Database Connections’):
ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR: Access denied for user ‘root’@xxx.xx.xx.xx’ (using password: YES).

Previously, I would set DB here as ‘none’ and then input the details directly into the connection settings on each DB within the Wappler UI. In some cases I could even just copy/paste the connection string.

I assume some changes have been made, but with searching I cannot find any additional information to figure out myself what I’m doing wrong.

To reconfirm, I can connect instantly with MySQL Workbench to the DB with the same credentials I’m trying to use within Wappler.

Thank you for your help.


Thanks George.