Cloud Database - Error while removing

Using the Resource Manager.

  1. I created a Cloud Server and Cloud Database.
  2. I then created a target and selected the Cloud Server and Cloud Database. Since I had Redis selected in the remote instance. I also selected it for the remote Database.
  3. I then use “Publish” to move all local instance items to the remote instance, but I receive an error – “There was an error during publish Database is not running”.
  4. The local instance changes did not appear in the remote instance, so I “Shutdown and Clear All Services”. When doing the this I receive another error “Error while Removing” about the redis container and shutdown.

To be able to publish to a remote database, the database server should be running first. So you need to do a successful deploy first on that remote target.

The database is a managed DB on Digital Ocean – as shown in the Project Settings – so isn’t it already running?