Clickatell API to send SMS

Glad you’ve got it working. I’m just building/testing an adaptation of @Teodor’s Working with Arrays guide which should give you a way of adding a list of numbers that you can then pass to the Server Connect action as the ‘to’ input when the submit button is clicked. It will need a slight change to the Server Connect action to receive it.

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Thank you again, you have been very kind!

You’re welcome.
Could I be a pain and ask you to change the solution to my post?

As promissed, to add multiple phone numbers, you can use @Teodor’s guide mentioned above altering the following:

  1. The repeat part should be placed inside the form.

  2. When creating the buttons to show them add a hidden text field (to hold the phone numbers for POSTing to the Server Connect)

  3. give the hidden text input Name to[] (use something like to_add for the text input where you enter the number)

  4. Give the hidden field a dynamic attribute for Value of the $value of the repeat

  5. Change the API Action properties to : image

The Post globals remain as they were, as do the Header/input options of the API action

Thanks for altering the solution. I hope it all works well for you.