Choosing wappler local server or docker for development

anyone have
Recommendations pros and cons when choosing wappler local server or docker for local development target

Using docker on local is going to take a toll on CPU, RAM and battery (if on laptop).
Unless you have some specific requirement for using docker, I would recommend using local server.
Also, not the Wappler local server, but the other local server.

We have docker based deployment on remote server, but use local server on local machine for testing.


Fair enough but I only show
Wappler Local Server
Own Server
and 2 others i know nothing of Google Firebase Hosting and Heroku

Own Server = Local Server

Thanks Sid - will try that - so many options and ways to proceed - nice to have but confusing at first :frowning:

Sid - obviously I am missing something here - when I use Docker or Wappler local server i am able to connect to my local website - when use own server I get connection error
does that mean i need to have another server running like wamp or a VPS
could not Wappler local be simpler? sorry for newbie question but not understanding it - i have used remote targets to build before - in hidden folders but that is not a good way to work

Wappler local server can be used for nodejs or without a server model - for simple HTML sites.

Own server option is used when you want to use your own server installed on your computer - WAMP, MAMP, IIS etc.

thanks for explanation

uninstalled docker and fresh install solved the issue thanks helping - much appreciated

i am rebuilding an existing php pages web site in wappler (currently in dreamweaver) -
I am trying to create a local target to build before uploading remote
However when i choose Wappler Local - it says i can only use NodeJs - so i choose Docker and php - all good - docker creates container and everything tests and loads good
except get an ERROR LAUNCHING SERVICES when i try to deploy
have restarted from scratch multiple times -
looks ike a docker error? - uploaded a bug reprt - i apolgize if i should not have - see below

  • Container public__development-db-1 Starting 0.3s
    Error response from daemon: failed to start shim: start failed: unexpected fault address 0x4d8140
    fatal error: fault
    [signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x2 addr=0x4d8140 pc=0x4d8140]

I assumed you have a NodeJS app since you talked about local server.
As Teodor explained, you need a PHP server on your machine via wamp or xamp like apps. Or you can use docker, as you are.

For php, I have found using docker is a better option since its hassle free.

Hi, @sid ! I always wondered if there is a practical difference between Wappler local server, and Own local server. Could you please elaborate more on this subject?

Wappler Local Server uses NodeJS installed within Wappler application itself. Own Server requires you to install NodeJS on your machine first.
This is the only main difference.

The built-in server has some limitations like Argon cannot be used. This is why we don’t use this. There might be some other limitation as well, not sure.

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This (missing argon module in local server) has been fixed long time ago, somewhere with the release of Wappler 5.

Thats good to know. Any other known limitations with built-in server?

None i can think of.

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Hi. We find using docker on development version, draining too much CPU/battery. Can I use Wappler Local Server with Node.js and postgresql?

Will I have any problem if I use docker on development and docker on production?